Leadership Circle

What is the Leadership Circle?

The Leadership Circle is a group of our most generous and engaged families, community members, alumni, and alumni families whose annual financial support provides the cornerstone of the Mountain View Los Altos High School Foundation’s grant to fund vital academic programs. Leadership Circle membership begins with a minimum annual contribution of $5000, which can be done through an outright gift, recurring gifts, or a donation matched by a corporate matching gift. Contact the Foundation Office at info@mvlafoundation.org or (650) 940-4670 if you would like to participate!


Leadership Circle members enjoy:

  • Invitation to Leadership Circle events
  • Opportunities to meet the MVLA School District superintendent and administrators
  • Recognition in MVLA High School Foundation’s Annual Report

2016-2017 Members


$10,000 and up

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Amy and Michael Galles
  • Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation
  • Kris and Ken Moore
  • Nilita and Vivek Paul
  • Jackie and David Radcliffe
  • Stacy and Peter Sullivan
  • Yoshi Nishimura and David Vadasz


$5,000 to $9,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Yuan Liu and Jun Xu
  • Angela and Scott Akiyama
  • Lisa and David Auerbach
  • Roopa Ramaswamy and Sreeram Balakrishnan
  • Andrea and Carsten Blecken
  • Amrita Deshpande and Parag Bopardikar
  • Lori and Steven Breen
  • Laurie and Bill Brennan
  • So Yong Park and Brian Byun
  • Yvonne and Daniel Cornell
  • Audrey and Matt Crowley
  • Linda and Alan Cyron
  • Esther John and Aart DeGeus
  • Kristin and Tony Espiritu
  • Yuhong Huang and Eric Frick
  • Kim and Jon Gavenman
  • Margaret and Ben Gong
  • Judy and Ted Hoff on behalf of Jill Rytand and Lisa & Cameron Brett
  • Pam Blackman, Intero Real Estate Services
  • Bogard-Tanigami/Hughes/O’Gorman, Alain Pinel Realtors
  • Kathy Bridgman, Alain Pinel Realtors
  • Gary Campi, Campi Properties
  • Ken DeLeon, DeLeon Realty
  • Greg Goumas, Intero Real Estate Services
  • Owen Halliday, Sereno Group
  • Anne Moran, Keller Williams
  • Michael Repka, DeLeon Realty
  • David Troyer, Intero Real Estate Services
  • Alex Wang, Sereno Group
  • Tiffany and Kalil Jenab
  • Ariane De Press and Greg Kajfez
  • Rashmi and Anil Khatri
  • Rick Kramer
  • Irene and Vadim Kutsyy
  • Cindy Labuda
  • Crislene and Brian Lin
  • Janice and Bob Lisbonne
  • Rebecca and Matthew Lowell
  • Michal and Guy Miasnik
  • Laurie and Karl Motey
  • Lisa Giannini and Simon Patience
  • Lynn Fleming and Michael Pederson
  • Renee and Osman Rashid
  • Carina and Thomas Riordan
  • Amanda Oakson and Randy Salim
  • Debra Murelaga and Terrance Kloeckl
  • Stephanie and Andrew Towell
  • Adrienne and Neil Tuch
  • Linda and Philip Walters
  • Deborah Goldberg and Daniel Zimmermann

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