How Do You Benefit from the MVLA Foundation?

A quality public education is priceless, but not free. Local and state funding for public education provides enough for only the most basic high school curriculum and programs. Fortunately, the MVLA Foundation enables us to act locally to bridge the funding gap between what taxes afford us and the program-rich environment that students, colleges, employers and our community value.


MVLA Foundation is a valuable piece of the education funding puzzle.  Our high schools use foundation funds to provide students more opportunities for achievement. Since these programs are provided across the district, individual schools or organizations such as PTSAs or booster groups could not fund them. The foundation provides a valuable piece to the education funding puzzle, and works in tandem with these groups to ensure our students are offered a full range of opportunities.

Every student in the MVLA High School District will benefit from foundation-funded programs. Therefore, we hope that every high school family will contribute to the foundation. Please consider the value of the programs to your student, and give what you can. It is important that all of us invest in our students, and the foundation strives for 100% participation from the district's families. All donations are greatly appreciated by the entire MVLA community of students, faculty, staff, and parents.

How Do Our Students Benefit?

Students at every grade level, from freshman through senior years, benefit from your donations.

Student Academic Support

 Grade Level

Class sizes for freshman English and Math have been reduced to allow for more teacher attention to the individualized needs of the student.

The Tutorial Centers and staff provide free one-on-one academic assistance to students desiring occasional or year-long extra help in subjects including math, English, Science, Foreign Language, History, and electives.
All students and parents enjoy 24x7 online access to the Student Information System which tracks student grades and performance on all assignments.
Extended library hours give students a place to study and do research before and after school as well as during free periods.

Academic Enrichment & STEM Innovation

State-of-the-art Science equipment that allows for more relevant labs and curriculum development. X X X X
A full spectrum of Math programs serving students at all levels - from Bridge to High School and accelerated Geometry summer classes, to Calculus III classes during the regular school year. X X X X
Teacher training to support innovative STEM curriculum and use of cloud technologies and tools. X X X X
Cloud connectivity, online resources and devices in the classroom X X X X

College & Career Readiness

The College and Career Centers provide resources and counseling to students and their parents regarding summer programs, gap year programs, job and career options, college search and admissions, and college financial aid and scholarships.
The PSAT exam is administered free of charge and during the school day to all sophomores and juniors.
All students, parents and counselors have online access to the Naviance Family Connection which provides online information and tools for aptitude assessment and researching/applying to colleges.
X X  X
Parent Education Speaker Series offers numerous presentations on teen and college-related topics held for students and parents.
 X X X

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