What We Fund

Programs to be funded in 2016-17

Innovative Learning Grants

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Awards were based on the projects’:

  • scaling potential, such as incorporation into the curriculum, shared future use by others in the course team, and potential for replication across the district,
  • impact on student learning, such as enhancing depth of knowledge, applicability to addressing real-world problems, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and
  • effectiveness in challenging students to make connections and discover alternative problem solving.

“These grants are intended to foster innovation while cultivating exciting new collaborations among students. The projects may also serve as pilot programs which, if successful, could become part of the curriculum in the future,” said Sarraf.

“We want our schools to be incubators for progressive ideas that can be replicated in other schools and districts,” says District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Harding.

Grant recipients are required to submit a written evaluation of their project’s outcome within two weeks of completion of the project.

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