What We Fund

Wellness Expenditures in 2016-17

  • Challenge Success – a Stanford-based program which partners with schools to…
    • implement practical, research-based solutions to improve student health and increase motivation and learning.
    • encourage educators to create policies and practices that foster interpersonal and collaborative skills, adaptability and resilience, and the critical thinking and creativity needed to solve complex problems.
  • An additional CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council) therapist
  • Healthmaster software to track mental health services provided to students
  • Staff web-based training (Kognito) to navigate conversation with students in crisis
  • Exercise and yoga classes for “at-risk” students through the YMCA
  • Resource cards (printing) for students
  • Training for counselors, therapists and psychologists through Stanford University
  • Mindfulness for Teens to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions
    • Staff Training on “Still Quiet Place” methodology
    • Workbooks for incoming LAHS 9th graders
  • R&D to explore creation of Wellness Centers on campuses
  • On-campus yoga/Zumba classes for MVHS staff
  • Latino Family Mindfulness Training
  • PIQE – Parent Institute for Quality Education (Latino community)


Strong schools

Make communities desirable places to live, and help keep property values high.