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Innovative Learning Grants Awarded in 2016-17

The Mountain View Los Altos High School Foundation has awarded Innovative Learning Grants to 26 projects totaling $82,000 in the 2016-17 school year.

“We were pleased to receive more applications from the arts & humanities and to broaden our reach across all subject areas,” according to Laura Roberts, co-executive director of the Foundation.

The Innovative Learning Grants are competitive and require the completion of an application by a teacher or teachers submitted to the district’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Brigitte Sarraf.

Congratulations to the following grant recipients and projects.

Los Altos High Grant Recipients and Projects

Mountain View High Grant Recipients and Projects

  • Stephen Widmark: Rocketlab
  • Madeline Maraglia:TEDx
  • Stephen Widmark: Satellite Group
  • Kristen Krauss: The English Podcast collective
  • Olivia Lin, Meghan Engle: Art/English personal narratives/illustrations collection
  • Jennifer Lewis: iFly STEM package activity
  • Juan Pablo Alvarez: Video evidence of mathematical modeling activities
  • Jared Darby, Madeline Miraglia: ASB program innovations
  • Dana McDonnell: 24-Hr Composers Concert.  Read Town Crier review.
  • Suzanne Mello: Video resumes for students with special needs
  • Lauren Camarillo: Spanish Children’s Story Book project for bilingual program
  • Amy Beare: Oracle Digital Storytelling Initiative
  • Kristine Bautista: Restaurant experience for SpEd students
  • Jason Kneebone: Music as Muse

Alta Vista High Grant Recipients and Projects

Awards were based on the projects’:

  • scaling potential, such as incorporation into the curriculum, shared future use by others in the course team, and potential for replication across the district,
  • impact on student learning, such as enhancing depth of knowledge, applicability to addressing real-world problems, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and
  • effectiveness in challenging students to make connections and discover alternative problem solving.

“These grants are intended to foster innovation while cultivating exciting new collaborations among students. The projects may also serve as pilot programs which, if successful, could become part of the curriculum in the future,” said Sarraf.

“We want our schools to be incubators for progressive ideas that can be replicated in other schools and districts,” says District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Harding.

Grant recipients are required to submit a written evaluation of their project’s outcome within two weeks of completion of the project.

For MVLA Teachers Only

Apply for an Innovative Learning Grant for the 2017-18 school year.  Download the application form and get started!