Programs Funded in the 2014-2015 School Year


Students will learn 21st Century skills using Chromebooks, online curriculum and original sources in Social Studies and English classes - $300,000.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT & STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) INNOVATION

State-of-the-art science lab equipment - $170,000 (see what we purchased last year)
Professional development emphasizing innovative use of new science equipment and use of cloud technologies for Social Studies and English curriculum - $150,000


Reduced class sizes for freshman English and entry-level Math - $360,000
Coordinators for Tutorial Centers offering academic aid for students - $170,000
Extended hours for libraries - $60,000
SIS online access to class assignments, grades, graduation status - $35,000


Coordinators and Resources for College / Career Centers - $200,000
Naviance software to provide guidance for college applications - $24,000
PSAT test fees for sophomores and juniors - $23,000
Presentations on college-related topics for parents and students - $8,000

Total Amount Granted:  $1,500,000


MVLA Foundation is a valuable piece of the education funding puzzle


Our high schools use Foundation funds to provide students more opportunities for achievement. Since these programs are provided across the district, individual schools or organizations such as PTSAs or booster groups could not fund them. The MVLA Foundation provides a valuable piece to the education funding puzzle, and works in tandem with these groups to ensure our students are offered a full range of opportunities.

Every student in the MVLA High School District will benefit from Foundation-funded programs. Therefore, we hope that every high school family will contribute to the Foundation. Please consider the value of the programs to your student, and give what you can. It is important that all of us invest in our students, and the Foundation strives for 100% participation from the district's families. All donations are greatly appreciated by the entire MVLA community of students, faculty, staff, and parents.

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