Countdown to College 2023

Programs to be funded in 2016-17

Advice from Seniors

“I stayed healthy by not doing everything at once. It’s good to be productive and do a lot of work at once, but doing everything during a two-week span would be rough, so I spaced all my research and application work out, and allotted myself about two or three hours per week to work, so that I wasn’t too stressed.” Connor, MVHS Senior
“I would highly recommend going to the College and Career Center for help! I got a lot of professional advice that a parent or friend wouldn’t be able to give. People at the CCC have a lot of experience and are there to help you. I went in at least once a week to get advice on my Common and UC Application’s essays and activities.” Elise, MVHS Senior

LAHS College and Career Center

MVHS College and Career Center

Countdown to College

Countdown to College is a conference-style event consisting of college-related workshops for students and their parents to gather information on the college application process, financial aid, and more.

Virtual College Tours

Visit California Colleges and Universities virtually, learn about their programs and see if they may be a good fit for you.

College Handbook

This handbook is a joint project between the Academic Counselors and the College and Career Centers.

Strong schools

Make communities desirable places to live, and help keep property values high.