What We Fund

Wellness Programs & Services

Since 2015, the MVLA Foundation has invested $270,000 in Wellness programs and services which have helped to lay the groundwork for building a healthy school culture.  For 2018-19, the foundation approved a grant for $120,000 to provide a CHAC therapist at each school.

Total 2017-18 Expenditures: $100,000

  • CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council) therapist.
  • Healthmaster software
  • Kognito staff training
  • Professional development for therapists and staff
  • Wellness resources (cards, tools and supplies for therapists)
  • LAHS specific activities
  • MVHS specific activities
  • AVHS specific activities

Wellness Expenditures for 2015-17

Total 2016-17 Expenditures: $120,000
Total 2015-16 Expenditures for Pilots: $50,000


  • Challenge Success – a Stanford-based program which partners with schools to…
    • implement practical, research-based solutions to improve student health and increase motivation and learning.
    • encourage educators to create policies and practices that foster interpersonal and collaborative skills, adaptability and resilience, and the critical thinking and creativity needed to solve complex problems.
  • CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council) therapist.
    • extra care is needed for seeing critical cases and self-referred students the same day.
  • Healthmaster software
    • a digital wellness record for students, compliant with all current health privacy laws.
    • enables clinicians to have a complete record of services for students.
    • clinicians and staff can only see information appropriate to their positions.
  • Kognito staff training
    • an interactive, virtual role-playing tool designed for teacher training. Teachers will use it to practice recognizing signs of distress in students and learn how to navigate conversation with students in crisis.  
  • Wellness Centers
    • visit Wellness Centers at other high school campuses to determine feasibility for future MVLA master plan
    • research best practices and efficacy of programs
  • Professional development for therapists and staff ( Stanford University, Dr. Amy Satzman, CHC)
  • Resource Cards for students
  • “Every 15 Minutes” program at MVHS
  • Communications Week at LAHS
  • Mindfulness Workbooks for 9th grade students (LAHS)
  • REALgirl Empowerment program
  • Mission Be trains educators to bring mindfulness practices to their classrooms
  • After school tutoring during review week
  • YMCA activities for “at-risk students”
  • PIQE – Parent Institute for Quality Education. 
    • a 10-week parent-education program for Spanish-speaking parents for whom English is a second language
  • Staff wellness activities (yoga, zumba)

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