Innovative Learning Grants

Innovative Learning Grants 2018-19

The Mountain View Los Altos High School Foundation awarded over $100,000 toward Innovative Learning Grants for the 2018-19 school year. 

The Innovative Learning Grants are a competitive application process, and grant recipients are required to submit a written evaluation of their project’s outcome within two weeks of completion of the project. “These grants are intended to foster innovation while cultivating exciting new collaborations among students. The projects may also serve as pilot programs which, if successful, could become part of the curriculum in the future,” said retired Associate Superintendent Brigitte Sarraf, who oversees the grant selection and evaluation process.

Awards were based on the projects’:
  • scaling potential, such as incorporation into the curriculum, shared future use by others in the course team, and potential for replication across the district,
  • impact on student learning, such as enhancing depth of knowledge, applicability to addressing real-world problems, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and
  • effectiveness in challenging students to make connections and discover alternative problem solving.

Congratulations to the following grant recipients and projects approved in the 2018-19 school year.

Los Altos High Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 1 approved 4-13-18)

  • Terri Salsman de Rodriguex: Second World Language Celebration Day in an expanded format.
  • James Mok: Upgrade Biotechnology labs to ensure equitable access to high quality labs for all students.
  • Caitlin Hannon: Establish Writing Center at LAHS (Pilot).
  • Robert Barker: Enhance constructivist learning models in New Media Literacy Class.
  • Karen Davis: Enhance Physics using wireless collision tracks and cars with built-in encoders, force sensors and 3-axis accelerometers.
  • Alexandra Wilson: Understand how electricity is created in the body within the nervous system by using Backyard Brains lab kits.
  • Lisa Cardellini: Strengthen the human body systems unit in biology and expand the anthropology unit in forensics and biology.
  • Greg Stoehr: Study “bleaching” and its impact on the environment and the conservation and restoration of ancient coral reefs.
  • Meghan Strazicich: Study environmental impact of climate change, the impact of loss of certain ecosystems; conduct soil studies.
  • Trina Mattson: Make transportation fuel from algae grown in class and isolate the algae’s oils and process them into fuel.
  • Meghan Strazicich: Continue participation in the Barcode of Life project using hand-held MiniION (DNA sequencers).
  • Adam Randall: Astrophotography project to study life cycles of starts, and the Big Bang and solar system orbital mechanics.
  • Christy Schramm and Michael Rasmussen: Field trip for students to observe and study human cadavers at “Body Worlds” exhibit (San Jose Tech Museum). 

Los Altos High Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 2 approved 9-28-18)

  • Darren Dressen: Removing toxic pollutants from the environment.
  • Victoria Johnson: Virtual Dissections using Digital Frog software.
  • Lisa Cardellini & Meghan Strazicich: Coral Spawning using starter tanks, UV Lighting and Coral samples.
  • Karen Davis: Electrostatics visualization project.
  • Heather Laederich & James Mok: Study the effects of caffeine using lab kits, lab equipment and other supplies.

Mountain View High Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 1 approved 4-13-18)

  • Ning Xu and Gina Dunsmore: Investigate Rational Dynamics using Rotary Motion Sensor Cart.
  • David Campbell: Virtual Reality Project using Google Cardboard.
  • Kristen Krauss: Enhance Socratic Seminar experience for English students using a video camera.
  • Brendan Dilloughery: Enhance Intro to Computers using Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
  • Amy Beare: Create quality multi media content using cameras, RAID server and ancillary equipment.

Mountain View High Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 2 approved 9-28-18)

  • Jason Kneebone: Archival recording, reviewing and live streaming infrastructure for music department.
  • Jennifer Lewis: Amusement Park Physics field trip.
  • Jeff Panos: Global Watershed Project using Hummingbird Duo Base kits.
  • Lauren Camarillo: Interpersonal Communication in Spanish 2 & 3 using headset w noise cancelling mic and headphones.
  • David Cmaylo: Elkhorn Slough National Estuary Research Reserve field trip.

Alta Vista High School Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 1 approved 4-13-18)

  • Samnang Luy: Virtual Reality kits (Oculus Rift and two desktop computers).
  • Shannon Wernette: Sustainable Food Production (Farm-to-Table 5).

Alta Vista High School Grant Recipients and Projects (Round 2 approved 9-28-18)

  • Bonnie Michalek: Bring noted American poet, novelist, journalist, critic, and columnist, Luis J. Rodriguez, to Alta Vista.