2024-25 Goal = $2,368,000

2024-25 Goal $2,368,000

Over $25 million raised over 40 years

The MVLA High School Foundation invests in an innovative learning environment that provides the opportunity for all students to grow and thrive.

Innovative Learning Grant Spotlight

Every time we launch the rocket, we learn something new. We are using a reiterative approach, not unlike the method SpaceX uses, to address all the problems we have with this pretty advanced rocket. When we go out to a launch event, we get a lot of attention from the other folks there!

Stephen Widmark
Innovative Learning Grant Recipient

Students are learning art history and literacy through their research and 21st-century design skills which apply to careers in manufacturing and product design. Furthermore, these trading cards and the inherent social interactions associated with them will foster community building with an inclusive school environment.

Tom Chang
Innovative Learning Grant Recipient

The VR headsets are amazing! The students have been incredibly enthusiastic and shared deeper insights on scientific phenomena than I’ve heard them say before when learning equivocal content but in a different format. 

Linda Hambrick
Innovative Learning Grant Recipient